Downloadable Spring Cleaning Checklist

Downloadable Spring Cleaning Checklist

Download our free room-by-room checklist and stay on top of your spring cleaning.

Whatever room you’re spring cleaning, start by decluttering. After you clean, organize as you put items back.

Spring Cleaning: Throughout Your Home
Spring cleaning may seem daunting until you realize it’s really just completing the same basic tasks in each room. To make it easy to keep track and feel accomplished as you go, download and print our simplified Room-by-Room Spring Cleaning Checklist .

Ceiling Fans: Turn off and dust all blades.
Light Fixtures: Turn off and clean all components once cooled.
Windows: Dust windowsills and tracks; wipe glass clean.
Window Treatments: Clean curtains and drapery; dust blinds.
Doors: Wipe clean – don’t forget the tops and doorknobs.
Walls: Clean off scuffmarks, dirt and other grime – Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works great for this.
Drawers: Clean and reorganize every last one.
Floor/Wall Vents: Remove (if possible) and dust.
Floors: Shake out and/or launder floor mats; vacuum rugs and clean floors.

Spring Cleaning: Room-by-Room
Tackle one room at a time, cleaning anything listed above, as well as these room-specific features:

Mudroom/Laundry Room
Linen Closet: Clean all surfaces and organize linens.
Washer/Dryer: Dust tops and fronts. Be sure to open them and clean the grime that collects on the backs of doors.

Tip: Use Tide washing machine cleaner to freshen up the inside of your washer!

Cabinets: Wipe down the insides and doors, then use the Swiffer 360 Dusters Extender Kit to trap and lock dust from the tops.
Countertops: Dust.

Living Room
Furniture: Dust solid furniture like coffee tables, bookcases and entertainment centers; vacuum and freshen upholstered furniture like sofas.
Electronics: Dust – Swiffer 360 dusters are flexible to get into hard-to-reach places like around wires.

Cabinets: Clean off the tops, and then wipe down the insides and doors. Organize kitchen cabinets as you put items back.
Appliances: Wipe down the microwave – inside and out – as well as the coffee maker, mixer and any other appliances.
Stovetop: Remove grates and wash, cleaning the stovetop as they dry.
Oven: Complete an oven deep clean.
Fridge: Do a Total Refrigerator Cleanout.
Countertops: Wipe down.
Kitchen Sink: Clean your kitchen sink basin and fixtures.
Dishwasher: Wipe down the front.
Pantry: Tackle a Total Pantry Cleanout.
Backsplashes: Wipe them down, paying special attention to those prone to splatters, like above the sink or behind the stovetop.

Dining Area
Furniture: Dust solid furniture like tables; vacuum and freshen upholstered furniture like chairs.
Cabinets/Buffet: Clean off the tops, and then wipe down the insides and doors.

Shower: Clean shower walls, doors, ledges, fixtures and floors; launder washable shower curtains.
Sink: Clean basins and fixtures.
Toilet: Scrub the toilet bowl; wipe down the exterior – don’t forget the grime-prone spots behind the toilet.
Cabinets: Wipe off the tops, and then the insides and doors.
Countertops/Shelves: Dust.
Linen Closet: Clean all surfaces; organize linens and other items that find their way to this catchall closet.
Mirrors: Wipe clean of smudges and splatters.

Tip: Get an in-depth look at cleaning and organizing this busy space in a Total Bathroom Cleanout.

Bedding: Wash (or dry clean) the comforter; wash sheets and pillowcases before remaking the bed.
Furniture: Dust solid furniture like dressers, nightstands and headboards; vacuum and freshen upholstered furniture like chairs.
Closets: Clean and organize clothing closets.
Mirrors: Wipe clean of smudges and splatters.
Spray your favorite scent of Febreze Air Effects to add some freshness to the space.

Outdoor Areas
Outdoor Furniture: Hose down and towel dry.
Porch/Patio: Hose down, let dry, and then sweep.




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